Music & Arts


The Art Classroom is a positive learning environment that helps to motivate students to be creative, solve problems, and think “outside of the box”. Students are encouraged to make choices. Students build their self confidence and passion for learning when they are creatively encouraged and encouraged to create

  • Create -    Learn to investigate, organize and complete works of art using theexploration of materials.

  • Present -   Learn to share and listen to others explain the choices they make in art.

  • Respond - Learn to perceive, analyze, critique and interpret artistic work through discussions.

  • Connect -  Learn about art in history and society…different times, places, and cultures.                                   




Create:     Students will improvise and compose music.

Discover: Students will understand the biblical origin of music, particularly its function in praise and worship. Relate music to everyday life.

Analyze:  Students will expand music listening skills and use music vocabulary to analyze and evaluate music and identify different music genre. 

Perform:  Students will use body, voice, and instruments as means of musical expression.