(AGES 5-13)(5-13岁)


Each prospective CDS family must take the following steps to complete the application process:

1. Attend the Mandatory LBA Parent Orientation

The LBA Parent Orientation is a required component of our admissions process. It’s a terrific opportunity to see LBA in action –- through a video, you’ll visit our state-of-the-art facilities, meet our teachers, our staff, the students, and other faculty members of the LBA family. You will also hear about what other LBA families feel about the school. Our Academic Director and Program leads will also enlighten you about the school’s program, our curriculum and and philosophy.

To schedule  an orientation, please email  The Parent Orientation is for the Parents. Kindly do not bring your children at this time.


2.  Application

Interested families must submit an application for their child online. The Admissions Team will keep your file and shall contact you, when there is a seat available.  For 2017/2018 Academic year, Admissions will start to contact parents in January.

 Required documents that needs to be submitted along with your child’s application online are:

  1. YoA copy of your child’s most recent Report Card*/  

  2. Your child’s Teacher Recommendation Letter* 

  3. Your child’s Immunization Record

  4. Your child’s passport copy or Your child’s Birth Certificate 

  5. Your child’s passport size picture

  6. Any documentation of student’s Individual Education Program

    *All documents are required to be in/ officially translated in English.


3. Notification

Decisions for admission are made on a rolling basis throughout the academic year as spaces are available. Parents will receive a response approximately 3 school days after all required application materials have been submitted. Failure to submit these documents will delay the process. 


4. Assessment

All prospective students that were shortlisted during Open Enrolment, are required to go through and pass an assessment. Starters, Levels 1 to 8 tests are given at the end of April for the next Fall Semester. The Admissions Office will contact you to schedule the assessment after all necessary documents have been submitted.

Starters & Levels 1 to 8 Assessment

For Starters and Level 1 - Child should have basic English skills which are the minimum required for entry into Kindergarten/ Grade 1. Understands and speaks English, knows the English alphabet, phonics, rhymes and able to read high frequency words.

For Levels 2 to 8 - Spoken and written English Assessment, Reading Comprehension, Math and Writing Assessment at Grade Level expectations.

5. Results and Parent Interview 

Initial Assessment results will be handed out on the same day followed by the final detailed result with recommendations within a week via e-mail. 

 Parent interview follows right after each child’s assessment. This is an opportunity for parents to discuss their children, share information, and ask questions they may have about the school. Prospective students visit in one of the Kindergarten/ Primary/ Middle School classrooms for 30mins. to 1 hour while prospective parents are interviewed by the school Principal or another member of the Admissions Team to informally discuss classroom procedures, expectations, and objectives.

 7. Pay Initial Fees to Secure the Seat

An Admissions team member will assist you on the required initial fees to secure the seat. The Admissions Office will send a final Enrollment letter to confirm the student has finished the admissions process and has been enrolled in LBA. Please note, the student is not considered enrolled in LBA until this letter has been delivered to the parents. 


8. Waiting List

Information on the waiting list will be sent if needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help you through the admissions process! For any inquiries, you may contact Ms. Jacqueline Zhou, our Admissions Lead Coordinator +8621-5017-9621 ext. 814 or email:





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