Applicable only for K5-12 students, CDS Staff, Non-CDS Students/Adults


For LBA Students:

LBA students now have the option to have their CAA One-on-One class during their specials (Music, Art, PE) and recess within the regular LBA school day (8AM-3PM).  Times must be approved by their LBA Music/PE/Art Teacher.  For interested students,  the procedure below must be followed:

1.   Fill-out online registration.  Click the option *daytime* and specify which CAAclass.  

2.  Once we have received your application, our Customer Service Coordinator will contact the parent to confirm schedule as to which special would the 

     student want to have /his her one-on-one class or if it’s during recess.

3.  The CS Coordinator checks availability of CAA teacher on the student’s preferred time slot.  Once confirmed, CS Coordinator emails the LBA Special 

     Teacher (Music, PE,Art)of the student’s CAA schedule for approval.

4.  Upon receipt of the approval, the CS Coordinator emails parent of the confirmed schedule & payment procedure.

5.  Upon receipt of payment, CS Coordinator emails CAA teacher of the daytime-enrolled student’s information:

     5.1Students name

     5.2Schedule/Block length

     5.3Classroom of pick-up/send back

     5.4LBA Special’s Teacher’ name

*Full tuition fee must be applied unless applicant is eligible for multiple classes discount.


For Adults/Parents

1.  Fill-out online registration.  Click the option *daytime* and specify which CAAclass and schedule.

2.   CS Coordinator checks with CAA teacher for availability of the applicant’s preferred schedule.

3.   Upon confirmation of the CAA teacher, CS Coordinator to email applicant of confirmed schedule and payment details.

4.   Upon receipt of payment, CS Coordinator emails CAA teacher & student of the information below:

     4.1Student’s Name

     4.2Schedule/Block length/Instrument

     4.3Classroom (where CAA class will take place)

*Eligible for multiple class discount if applicant meets requirements.


Note:  If hardcopy form is filled-out,  applicant must write *DAYTIME* on the form.


For more inquiries, please email: