ELS offers a semester based complete language courses for children ages 3 and above. The program has a task based approach that encourages learners to be engaged and confident as they use English language in a natural and meaningful way at school, at home and in the community. 

What makes ELS unique from the other English programs



I. Multi-Level Curriculum for All Ages

ELS has a comprehensivecurriculum that offers various English programs for all different age groups and nationalities.

a. ELS has Young Learners Track in a three-phased program for children ages 3 and above that prepares learners from the beginner’s stage to the advanced level. 

Phase 1 Preparatory Stage (Pre Starter 1, 2, 3, Starter and Level 1)

Children at this stage are trained with social skills and preparatory lessons for learning English language. It focuses on phonics production, pseudo-reading and basic decoding, and writing preparatory - proper pencil holding, basic strokes and lines.

Phase 2General English Language Development Stage (Level 2,3,4,5)

This is the stage where children are trained to master phonics production, and has acquired  decoding skills, and has mastered writing strokes. They are expected to use their acquired language to develop further their social and communication skills both in speaking and in writing.

Phase 3 English for Academic Purposes Stage (Level 5/6, Advanced Levels 1 to 7)

This is the final phase of the program and students are expected to have enough foundation to    integrate their language to academic subjects such as science, history, math and literature. Students are further trained to develop other relevant skills such as critical thinking, academic writing and oral presentation.


b. ELS has Adult Learners Trackwith two sub-programs catering to learners’ needs andpurposes in   studying English. Learners can be university age students, parents, and professionals.

Interactive Communication in English

Who is it for?

The Interactive Communication in English (ICE) is for students who aim to improve their Englishlanguage skills for practical use on social interactions or for job-related                             purposes.  Each course is carefully designed to address the different levels of challenges in English proficiency from starter to advanced levels. Emphasis is given on                               spoken communication both in formal and informal contexts. It aims to encourage students to be engaged on vigorous talk as to a person or group, intended to                                       arouse enthusiasm, increase determination to succeed, etc.

What are the materials used and the methods of teaching?

Top Notch and Summit Series by Pearson are the class textbooks recommended for lessons framework. Teachers of this program also integrate their owned designed or collected videos, and other instructional materials to complement each level’s learning competencies. The task-based learning approach makes learners engaged and enhance their confidence to progress on their language skills. Lessons on these courses comprise of carefully balanced language activities discussing various world culture lesson and contemporary global issues. 

c. Business English

Who is it for?

To get ahead in today’s fast-paced global economy, Business English is essential for professionals who want   to advance their career. 

Why learn in the Business English Track?

Business English focuses on language and skills that are relevant to global businessenvironment. Eachmodule covers various topics on business correspondence, socialization and making a small talk withbusiness partners, negotiation, globalization, advertising, telephoning and business presentation to globalaudience, including presentation describing statistics, graphs and trend and cross cultural communication.

II. ELS Core Values

ELS provides a caring environment with the aim to nurture children with values and integrity that will help them become successful and civic minded citizens. ELS also provides platform for adult learners to be more socially and professionally adept with cross-cultural and global mindset.

III. ELS Teachers

ELS teachers are qualified, experienced and professional language teachers with specializations in teaching English as a second/foreign language to young learners and adult learners. 

IV. ELS Class Size 

ELS cares for the individual growth and learning of each student in class. The class size is limited between 6and 12 students only depending on the age range. Teacher-Aide is provided when necessary.


V. Facilities

All ELS classrooms are well equipped with multi-media and air conditioning for conducive learning environment.


Active Parents 积极的家长们

We have pool of parents who are hands-on and proactive in our school activities. For the past years, our concerned and active parents work hand-in-hand in all our school events and classroom needs. It is a collaborative and dynamic team up we definitely welcome in our school.



August 29, 3116:00-17:30

September 6, 816:00-17:30




Between August 29 to September 8The Admission Officer will contact your for your child’s placement schedule.


Program Enrollment Procedure and Withdrawal/Refund Policy

  1. Student Registration

1.1.Registration is done online. Parents must complete the online application form.



1.2.Reservations and Inquiry will be received by the Admission Office. Send your queries to 

  Ms. Lucy Zhang lzhang@charitydreamshanghai.cn or admissions@charitydreamshanghai.cn. You may 

call us at +86.21.5017.9621 from Monday to Friday between 9:00 to 17:00.

2. Placement Test                 

2.1. Placement test is conducted regularly on weekdays and Saturday afternoon.  Summer 

schedule may have a different arrangement. The Admission Officer will coordinate with the teachers-in- charge prior to the confirmation of the placement schedule. Then, the parents will be notified.

2.2.  Placement Fee must be paid before the test is given. The Placement Test Fee is non-refundable

2.3. Results of the Placement Test will be emailed. 

2.4. For a student returnee who missed only one (1) semester may NOT take the assessment.  Placement fee for old students is waived should an assessment will be required.

3. Enrollment

3.1. Reenrolling Students

     3.1.1. Returning students may re-enroll and secure their seat in advanced for the following semester as published on the school calendar.

     3.1.2. The advance enrollment guarantees a seat for the next semester. Refer to the the withdrawal guidelines for refund policy.

3.2. Enrollment Period 

     3.2.1 We accept students until Week 5 on Fall and Spring semesters and until Friday of Week 1 on Summer semester,  provided there is an available slot for the designated class.

     3.2.2. Students who placed a reservation seat are given the priorities. And the rest, will be on the waiting list.

3.3. Tuition Fees and Due Dates

     3.3.1. ELS Tuition fee is inclusive of curriculum materials. Young Learners Track students get one (1) T-shirt as uniform

     3.3.2. ELS Tuition Fee for Young Learners Track is 4050 RMB. Adult Learners Track tuition fee is 5000 RMB.

     3.3.3. The security seat deposit is due on or before the end of the summer class for FALL, and the last school day on Decemberfor SPRING and last Friday on May for SUMMER.

     3.3.4. Security seat deposit is refundable until TWO WEEKS BEFORE the first week of ELS Classes commenced, otherwise, it will be forfeited should the request will not be filed in due time

     3.3.5.  Acceptance Letter is sent giving class level and schedule, followed by an invoice of tuition and materials from Accounting.  Accepted name is given to the front desk for Ok-To- Pay list.

4.  Payment Options

4.1. Acceptance Letter (new student) is sent giving class level and schedule, followed by an invoice of tuition and materials from Accounting.  Accepted name is given to the front desk for Ok-To-Pay list.

4.2. Fees can be settled in our 4F office by cash or card.

4.3. Wire Transfers: (Please note student’s name with the ELS Level on the remittance to ensure payment iscredited to the proper account)

4.4. Please email accounting@charitydreamshanghai.cn any remittance slips or payment questions. 

5.  Written Notification Policy and Withdrawal Request

5.1. Written notification is required, from the student’s parents, for all refund and withdrawal requests. 

                        Please submit in writing to the Admission Office through Ms. Crystal Lauren Leung-Alarcon  


5.2. A notification is considered received at such time that ELS Admission acknowledgesthe notification

5.3.  If, within a couple of business days, there is no reply from the Admission Office,  the parent should 

call the school to ensure their notification has been received. 

5.4.   Tuition Fee is refundable within the first four weeks after the class commenced. Curriculum       materials, T-shirt and other payables will be deducted from the total fee of 3550 RMB. Enrollment on the 

fifth week (except Summer) will be at the discretion of the ELS Administrator. 

5.5.Security seat deposit is refundable until one week before the first week of ELS Classes commenced . 

Thesame request procedure applies.

5.6. There is NO refund of tuition fee and security deposit for ELS summer class.

5.7. The Admission office facilitates the completion of the Exit Survey Form.