Character Studies


Learning Beyond Academy’s Character Building program is designed to introduce all students and faculty to the 9 core Character Traits we hold as priority. In Preschool daily Character Studies is held in the classroom and in Primary through High School we hold daily assembly where in we teach our character studies course. 

These 9 Character Traits are seen as essential traits in the life of a confident, trusted, successful individual and are achieved by the help of teacher mentorship, peer modeling and parental involvement.  

Respect  Responsibility  Honesty  Caring  Gratitude   

Forgiveness  Servanthood  Perseverance  Leadership

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The method in which these character traits are introduced is through moral stories and practical daily application students and faculty can put into practice. We have a monthly Character Studies project wherein the students memorize important text that allows them to commit to memory the moral foundations for each character trait. As well each student is required to complete a project where in they reflect what they have learned and how they can apply each character trait to his or her daily life. The teachers award students who have displayed exemplary character in order for peer modeling to be achieved.