• We are to respect each child and offer equal opportunity to learn without discrimination.


  • We believe that evidence of differentiated teaching and lessons observing multiple intelligences should be regularly practiced in the classroom offering each unique learning style an opportunity to show proficiency and access the academic material.


  • Parent involvement is crucial to the success of a school and educators should provide platforms for regular involvement of parents and ongoing access to the learning that is happening in the classroom.


  • Excellence in character is at the foundation and core of a successful adult and should be introduced, modeled and taught to all children by educators exemplifying excellence in character. A clear, planned and thoroughly executed character building program is crucial to the success of any school and should be integrated into all facets of the school’s culture and events.


  • A diverse student body offers many benefits to the worldview of each student. Students from many nationalities and languages bring depth to an educational program allowing a real world experience in the classroom in the area of English language learners, cultural diversity, varied perspectives in class discussion and most importantly a tolerance and acceptance of all people no matter nationality, language, or race.

    多元化的学生团体为每个学生的世界观提供了许多好处。 来自不同国籍和语言的学生将深入教育课程,让英语学习者,文化多样性,课堂讨论多样的观点在课堂上获得现实世界的体验,最重要的是容忍和接受所有人,无论国籍, 语言或种族。

  • We encourage creativity through all forms of art and skills, verbal and non-verbal, written and non-written forms of expression. We are provide platforms for our students to discover their gifting of creativity and the potential they have in creating something from nothing without holding bias or criticism to the product but only satisfaction in creating.

    我们通过各种形式的艺术和技能,口头和非言语,书面和非书面形式来鼓励创造力。 我们为学生提供平台,发现他们的创意能力,以及他们从创作中获得的潜力,不是对产品抱有偏见或批评,而是在创作中获得满足。