“Thanksgiving is coming and it is a season to give thanks. I would like to thank Ms Cecilia for I believe she is the one sent by God to teach ELS. She is nice and patient. Jared has been learning in LBA under ELS program for 4 semesters now. They have 4 teachers. All the teachers are nice and have their own teaching styles. We are grateful that the kids can study English in ELS. Jared has progressed a lot in English, especially this semester. After each class, he can quickly respond to words and phrases and his pronunciation is good. Ms. Cecilia is very nice, and is very willing and active to communicate with parents after each class. She is patient. Jared is slow in writing but Ms. Cecilia patiently waits until he is finished. She always gives him encouragement. I was concerned in the beginning that Jared may not be able to catch up, but now, I don’t need to worry at all. Ms. Cecilia also gives out suggestions in wechat group. Her suggestions are very helpful like reading English stories would help kids familiarize with words and improve pronunciation. We believe that cooperation between teachers and parents is very helpful for kids to learn English. We are thankful for having Ms. Cecilia as one of the ELS teachers.”

Jing Shi  

Jared’s Mom

感恩节来了,这是一个数算神恩的季节。在这里,我也特别的感谢神派给我们的ELS老师-Ms Cecilia. 她真的很好,很有耐心。Jared在LBA的ELS学习英文已经是第4个学期,我们经历了4位老师,每位老师都很有特点,也很好,我们很感恩可以在LBA学习英文。
这学期Jared在英语学习上有了特别大的进步,每次课后我指着书上的单词或词组问他时,他能积极的反馈,英文的发音也很纯正。值得一提的是,Ms Cecilia有两点值得我们特别认可:首先她很nice, 她几乎每次课后都与家长有一些交流;其次她可以等待,Jared写的慢,有时下课了,如果Jared还没有写完,Cecilia也是很耐心的等他写完再帮助他检查,末了也会给他鼓励。
真的非常感恩,谢谢Ms Cecilia这位好老师。

Jared’s Mom 史菁

Cecilia Mag-isa Estoque, Jared Dong and Jing Shi (Jared’s mom)

Cecilia Mag-isa Estoque, Jared Dong and Jing Shi (Jared’s mom)