A Welcome Note

Greetings from Learning Beyond Academy!


I hope one of the first things you notice about our school is our motto:

我希望你们注意到学校的第一件事就是我们的座右铭: “hearts burning…minds shining” -“心灵燃烧…灵感闪耀”

For us, these are more than just words.  


Whether you visit our campus in person or “walk the halls” through the pages of our website, you will see a school that  encourages, equips, and empowers students, at all age levels, to develop a passion for a life ofservice, family, community, leadership, and compassion. Our focus, in partnership with our school families, on character training and development for our students does more than encourage good citizenship; it is the measure of our mission. 


Character is the path to full potential. Character is ultimately the key to fully developing, and successfully applying, our intellectual and creative gifts. A heart “burning” with Character sets, and keeps, young people free to develop and “shine”: to be illuminated by, and to illuminate others with, the intellectual and creative gifts, and talents, and potential with which they have been endowed.


So please! Take a journey through our website. Explore every aspect of our school, every program, the curriculum, the Philosophy of Education, the opportunities, the standards, and the people responsible for carrying out the Mission of Learning Beyond Academy. We believe you will discern the question that we ask ourselves everyday: “What’s Best For the Students?”.


The 2017-2018 school year will see LBA, its students, staff, and families moving forward as a unified learning community to see “hearts burning, minds shining”.  We hope you join us!



Michael E. Partain, M.Ed.

Learning Beyond Academy