127 babies cared for / 照顾127位宝宝
249 surgeries performed / 实施249例手术
75 babies adopted / 75位宝宝得到领养
43 babies in our home today / 今天有43位宝宝
37 full time care givers / 37名全职看护者

5,000RMB monthly avg. cost to care for each baby / 每个宝宝的月护理费用为5000元
10,000RMB avg. cost of each cleft lip or palate surgery / 每例唇腭裂手术的平均费用为10000元
100% funded by donations of private donors / 完全由个体自助者捐助

Updated as of August 2016:


We spent  a total of 57,005.2 RMB this month on hospital expenses due to surgeries and a few of the children in the hospital.


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The healing home is a loving, safe place where the most vulnerable special needs babies are cared for by trained care givers and medical staff. These women devote their time to the careful feeding and nurturing of the children, ensuring that they gain the weight needed for their surgeries. We provide care during and after the surgery until each baby is fully recovered. 新生命之家是一家友善的、安全的、为唇腭裂宝宝提供专业看护的机构。我们的 看护人员专业喂养患儿, 确保术前体质达标, 并在每个宝宝康复前提供全方位地看护服务。

Baby's journey

A healing home baby’s journey: New arrivals range from 5 days old to 6 months old. Each special needs case is unique and provides a wide time frame of when each baby is ready for surgery. 上海医治之家宝宝的照顾计划:宝宝出生5天到6个月后来到新生命之家。每个宝宝都有各自不同的需求,需要一个宽泛的时间范围来确定他们是否达到手术的要求。


The Shanghai Healing Home is funded 100% by the generous donations of our sponsors and one-time donors. We are very grateful to accept donations of any amount and form. Below are suggested sponsorship plans if you or a group of your friends would like to fully sponsor the cost of one baby’s daily expenses. Name a baby by being the first sponsor of one of our new babies. 上海医治之家完全依靠我们的资助者,合作伙伴和其他捐助者的资助而运行。无论资助金额多少,我们都非常感激。如果你或者你的朋友团体希望资助我们的宝宝的 日常花费,以下是一些资助计划。 通过成为我们新宝贝中的第一位宝贝资助者可以为孩子取名字