The Summer Semester runs for 4 weeks during the month of July, with most classes being held twice per week.  These classes are being offered in conjunction with the Summer Camp Program, but they are open to registration for anyone!  Summer is a great time to join one of our new and exciting group classes, or pick up a new instrument that you might be interested in.  There are both day-time and after-camp hours available, so take a look at the schedule and class descriptions below and register today.


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All About Jazz

7-10 Years old

Mon & Wed

680 RMB

Students will get to know different types of Jazz. We have fun stories about the history of Jazz, coolest jazz bands and greatest jazz musicians. It is also a good time to get to know different types of instruments of jazz - which instrument family are they and why they sound so different? We will also sing some popular jazz songs!


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"Drums Around the World" 


7-10 year olds

Mon & Wed

680 RMB

Students will study the different styles of Drums and Rhythms from Africa, Latin America, and Japan- what makes them unique and how to identify them.  They will learn how to make a percussion instrument, how they are used in music, story-telling, and to communicate.  Come join the "Drum-Circle" and find your inner rhythm!


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Join Ms. Linda on this Fun adventure to cultivate a Love for Music, tap into Music Potential and improve Music Literacy.  Through a series of Song Studies, children will learn the stories behind Music's Greatest Composers, the Instruments we use to perform them, and some of the Theory needed to play familiar Rhythms and Melodies.

加入Ms Linda 参与这次有趣的冒险,培养对音乐的热爱,发掘音乐潜力,提升音乐素养。通过一系列的歌曲学习,孩子们将学习音乐当中最伟大的作曲家背后的故事,了解我们用来演奏这些音乐的乐器,还有一些用以演奏熟悉节奏和旋律必要理论。

Meet Music-Meet Love - Pre-Music

"遇见音乐 遇见爱"

4-6 Years Old

Mon & Wed

680 RMB

"Fun with Art"


4-6 (A)and 7-10 (B) Years Old

A: Mon & Wed, B:  Tues & Thurs

680 RMB

Fun with Art will introduce students to two different art forms, Water Color and Sketching.  Learn how to turn shapes and colors into Expressive pieces of art.  Groups are divided into two age groups.


"Creative Clay" 


4-6 years old

A:  Mon & Wed,  B:  Tues & Thurs

680 RMB

Mold, Shape, Color, and give Life to ordinary lumps of clay by turning them into Creative Works of Art.  Join Ms. Olive for Creative Clay. 

通过塑造、造型、上色给普通的淘泥带来生命,将它们塑造成创意性的艺术作品。与Ms. Olive一起加入创意淘泥课

This is one of our newest class offerings this summer! The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument in the group known as internal duct flutes-flutes with a whistle mouthpiece.  This class is a great and fun way to introduce your child to basic music principles and basic music appreciation.


Group Recorder

4 to 6 years old

Mon & Wed

680 RMB



If you want your child to enhance their steady beat skills, learn some new and fun rhythmic patterns, or just rock out with friends, we've got the group percussion for you!


Group Percussion


4 to 6 years old

Tues & Thurs

680 RMB

One-on-One Music Class (5 years old and up...Yes! Adults, too!)

Piano, Violin, Drums, Saxophone, Trumpet, Recorder, Flute, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

2x a week/ Mon-Fri:  10am -12 pm, 1-3 pm, 3:30-6pm/Saturday: 10am - 6pm

One-on-One Art Class (5 years old and up)


Drawing, Sketching, Water Color, Oil Painting


Friday: 3:15 to 4:15pm 

星期五:下午3:15 - 4:15

All new one-on-one students need assessment.


30 mins - 1025RMB 30分钟 - 1025人民币
45 mins - 1525RMB 45分钟 - 1525人民币
60 mins - 2000RMB 60分钟 - 2000人民币
Registration Fee New Student: 250RMB  


REGISTER using the website link below before seats run out!!!


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Is there a Class/Instrument that you are interested in, but don't see it on our offerings this semester (or not in your child's age group)? 


Let us know!  We would love to hear from our parents and students about what classes they are interested in as we plan for future growth and development of our program in the coming semesters.  Send Ms. Lauren an email at: