Learning Beyond Academy provides a holistic, character building, learning environment that promotes a love for learning. We endeavor to enhance each child's experience by giving them every opportunity to succeed and become responsible citizens with a global perspective.


Philosophy of education

  • We are to respect each child as God's creation in and offer equal opportunity to learn without discrimination.
  • We believe that evidence of differentiated teaching and lessons observing multiple intelligences should be regularly practiced in the classroom offering each unique learning style an opportunity to show proficiency and access the academic material.
  • Parent involvement is crucial to the success of a school and educators should provide platforms for regular involvement of parents and ongoing access to the learning that is happening in the classroom.
  • Excellence in character is at the foundation and core of a successful adult and should be introduced, modeled and taught to all children by educators exemplifying excellence in character. A clear, planned and thoroughly executed character building program is crucial to the success of any school and should be integrated into all facets of the school’s culture and events.
  • A diverse student body offers many benefits to the worldview of each student. Students from many nationalities and languages bring depth to an educational program allowing a real world experience in the classroom in the area of English language learners, cultural diversity, varied perspectives in class discussion and most importantly a tolerance and acceptance of all people no matter nationality, language, or race.
  • We encourage creativity through all forms of art and skills, verbal and non-verbal, written and non-written forms of expression. We are provide platforms for our students to discover their gifting of creativity and the potential they have in creating something from nothing without holding bias or criticism to the product but only satisfaction in creating.


Learning Beyond Academy Pre-School program uses a theme-based curriculum offering play-based centers, as well as opportunities for children to learn through independent discovery.  Our centers include music, art, movement, science, literacy and building.  We encourage creative thinking and development of each child's interest and character traits.


Learning Beyond Academy offers a English Language classroom environment with international teachers and curriculum. Our primary and middle school program offers many opportunities for project based learning, group collaboration and independent development. 


high school program

Learning Beyond Academy is a partner school of Keystone National High School, based in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and offers a US diploma upon completion.


To learn more about High School Program, click HERE.


Curriculum: At Learning Beyond Academy, we implement a variety of curriculum resources to best enrich the whole child: Starfall, Reading A-Z, Literature-Based Language Arts, 6+1 Writing Traits, Singapore Math and Science, Music Theory and Enrichment , Singapore Chinese, Character Studies, Physical Education and Art Class. To supplement your child’s education beyond regular school hours, we also offer after-school classes in English, Chinese, Krav Maga, and Kids Band.

Homework Philosophy: We believe that homework is an essential part of each student’s learning experience. It is our goal to provide meaningful tasks that will enhance the skills and concepts taught within the classroom.

Assessment Philosophy: We believe that assessment is an integral part of a student’s learning. The main objective of assessment is to enhance student learning, by gauging each student’s progress to help build on strengths and weaknesses. For educators, assessment helps to evaluate the effectiveness of a lesson/ unit and to provide information to assist in identifying the instructional needs of students.

Classroom Philosophy: Our goal is to create a respectful, comfortable, and well-managed learning environment where students are actively engaged in the learning process through various techniques and strategies. To promote this type of environment, we believe that consistency, organization, stated procedures, and consequences are necessary. Our optimum class size is 13-18 students.

Club Days: Club days is your child’s chance to try something new or get better at something old. Clubs will meet twice a month during school days.


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