Developing effective devotional habits...

Yesterday's 90 day NT reading was Luke 1 - 3.

Today's 90 day challenge NT reading is Luke 4 - 6.

Keep up with your reading every day. If you get behind, like I did yesterday, than you have to add a little more time the next day to catch up. Hopefully you are getting to a point where it is feeling like your day is not complete until you accomplish your devotion goal.

Remember to always read with pencil or highlighter in hand. I tend to read all the way through while making underlines and very short notes along the way. Then after completing the reading I will go back and look at the underlines and take a moment to meditate on them to see if the Holy Spirit brings anything else to mind. Then if/when other thoughts or scriptures jump into my mind I will reference them in the margin, journal or now in these daily (almost daily)  devotional thoughts.

The last devotional tip of today is... when you are reading have a place to dump the other thoughts that are somethings distracting you. If you have a busy day scheduled or a project that you are in the middle of, there will be the tendency for these tasks/thoughtsto be competing with your devotional time. For example... today during my devotional I had thoughts competing from a budgeting project I am in the middle of. So I had my computer in front of me with the appropriate files opened so that... when the thought jumped into my head I would quickly make the revision in the budget (30 seconds to a minute) and then move back to the devotion. Now the thought was captured and it was out of my head and I was free to keep moving forward in the devotional time. This same idea can be accomplished with a note book or yellow stickies... but try not to insert these thoughts into the margin of your Bible hahahaha.

Blessings, have a great day of devotions.


Jamie WeidnerComment