Make a careful search.

Today's 90 Day NT Challenge Reading Matthew 3 - 6.

Matthew 2: 8 "Go and make a careful search for the child"

Sometimes the most important instructions can come from the strangest places. King Herod's instructions to the Magi, from the East, was an unlikely source to give very sound advice, regarding Christ, that is still valid today. "Go and make a careful search..."

Carefully searching for Christ is to be our priority each day. To be carefully searching for Christ in all situations, in the Word of God, in the life of our families and children. Like the parable of the man who stumbled on the treasure hidden in the field and then sold all he had to acquire that field... lets us all be daily, carefully searching for Christ working in our life. Let us not get too distracted with our feelings or things we think we see happening around us but instead remembering God is in control today and your job is to carefully search Him out. God's plan is at work and cannot be stopped by any person or devil/demons... "He is faithful and just to finish what He began in you". This careful pursuit needs to be intentional and not with the attitude "what will be will be"...

Make it your aim today to find Jesus working in your life today!

Jamie WeidnerComment